This discipline is from the Scandinavian region and can therefore already be a presumption that snow and ice probably plays a role. This is also the case. It is very interesting for winter sports fans. You can get the feeling that this competition is not taken very seriously. The principle is also thought in such a way; however, one should never underestimate the personal ambition of horse and jockey. Often are offered excellence.

When skijoring pulls a rider less horse a skier. This is just a few words. The horse is up to 60 kilometres per hour over snow and ice. For the skier falls can therefore sometimes be life threatening. Not least for this reason, a protective garment, which resembles that of a hockey player, be necessary at all. The skijoring is not to be confused with this. The biggest event in this area takes place every year in St. Moritz.

Tattersalls Rules

For some time, it is customary to bet on the racetrack for horses also. Many describe the horses bet therefore as the archetype of the sports bet. This assumption is also wise to by no means out of hand. Meanwhile numerous bookmakers take to the international competitiveness of markets, each with its own set of rules, including underlie. This set of rules refers, of course not the end of the race itself.

Rather, it is in the detailed provisions and procedures for bets that are received by the respective bookmaker. Often you can find them again under the terms and conditions of those sites. However, this was not always so. The primitive rules of equestrian sport comes from the house


Still uses the Tattersalls regime; namely whenever certain events were not clearly defined by each bookmaker. Especially in the area of the quota system and the validity of said betting rules is still active application. At Tattersalls is one of the oldest auction houses for horses that still has stock. For more than 240 years to be here regularly racehorses auctioned to the highest bidder. In the recent times were up to 10,000 horses per year. This value will be topped by any other auction house.