In order to complete successful bets, it is essential for the betting friend; as and the tracing the shape of the horse to some extent. Nevertheless, how can this be, if but coach and Jockey are the only ones who watch the particular horse every day? For this, create tried remedy.

So-called Race Cards will be betting friend about stating how it currently stands around the shape of a horse, and what special features are noticed in the last race.

At first glance, a Race Card extremely confused. The changes, however, when the legend that is behind it is known. Exemplary here is therefore a fictitious Race Card consulted. These might include 214/0FR-111/U11. Before the full meaning is to be listed, for the time being is to be interpreted as such. The horse has occupied in sequence, places two, one and four. After that, the session was ended. In the subsequent session then followed by a placement outside the top nine, followed by a fall of the horse.

In the last race of the second session of the horse race the jury, possibly due to injuries, which it had incurred during a fall, rejected card. Then came the turn of the year. In the New Year, the horse was able to win three races in a row in one session. Similar fate in the next session will go, only that the horse is here once arrived without a rider to the finish.

The entire legend of the Race Card is:

1-9: this place has the horse in each race is
0: the horse landed outside the top nine
P: Pulled Up (the horse has retired and is no longer running
R: Refusal (the horse was rejected by the jury)
Q: case (the horse has fallen)
B: Brought Down (shedding of the jockeys)
U: unseated Ride (arrived at the finish without Jockey)
-: Year
-: Session Exchange